Brief of the Centre

The Council of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) approved the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) which commenced operation in October 2002. The Management Board under the Chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor regulates the entire Programme in the CCE.

The Current Ag Director of the CCE is Dr J.O. Basorun. The Pre-Degree Science (PDS), University Advanced Basic Science (UABS) Programmes, Short Term (ST/CP) and the (PGD) are the various programmes in the Centre.

The Pre- Degree Science (PDS) and the University Advanced Basic Programmes prepares students for University Admission into 100 level and 200 level respectively after satisfying the regulation for admission by the University Admission Committee while the Short Term programme helps to complement efforts aimed at exposing students to both the theoretical and practical knowledge in their chosen field of work or apprentice.


(i) to encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out all persons without distinction of  race, creed, sex, or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring higher education in technology;

(ii) to develop and offer academic programmes leading to the award of diplomas first degree, postgraduate degree, which emphasize planning, adaptive, technical, maintenance, development and production skills in the engineering, scientific agricultural, medical and allied professional disciplines with the aim of producing socially matured men and women with capability not only to understand, use and adapt existing technology but also to improve on it and develop new ones.




(I) To identify, develop and relevant skill and capacity building courses for technicians, farmers, artisans, marketers, managers in both public and private sectors;

(II) To run and effectively manage diploma programmes under a new administrative and operation structure.

(III) To develop ,run ,and manage all non-full time educational programmes;

(IV) To generate revenue for the University and staff;



a)      Diploma in finance and business studies which has been restructured to Diploma in finance and business management technology;

b)      Pre-degree science programme:

c)      Short-term cources and certificate programme such as:

i. certificate in craft tranning programme in the following:

a. fitting/machining

b. welding/metal fabrication

c. furniture craft

d. electrical installation

e. refrigeration/air conditioning

f. draughtmanship

ii. proffessional enhanced training programme for candidates pursueing accounting

Technician scheme(ATS) and ICAN professional Examination(ACA).

iii. Executive certificate in geographic information system(GIS).

iv. computer aided design car programme for professionals.

v. Executive certificate course in sport science.

Vii. Certificate course in meteorology.

Viii computer training programme(Executive and advanced cerficate course).

ix. certificate course in poultry management, animal production,fishery and snail farming.

x. diploma in forestry and range management .

xi. Diploma in sport science technology.

xii. Dilpoma in library management .

xiii. training/ consultancies services

xiv. workshop/seminar

e) university Diploma in science programme

The centre was established to provide a more legitmate avenue for university to become Most 

relevant to the community.